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Luxury Wedding Band Services Provider in Noida, UP!

We weave any ceremony in your own character with every tune played and personality to create an atmosphere that feels just like comfortable to dance.

Collect Moments create memories

Indian wedding is all about pomp and jocosity and only a good musical band company adds such a ‘wow factor’ big day.

We offer both traditional and western music played by skilled musicians and artists. What’s more, we have a huge collection of dresses for our band performing artists matching your wedding theme. So be it western instrumental music, the lively Punjabi sing-song or the Rajasthani music, we won’t disappoint you. Rajdhani Band can solve your puzzle to hire the best orchestra band in Noida.

Requirement Analysis

We gather your requirements first to know what is going in your mind related to your baraat.

Baraat Visualisation

We give a bit visualization of your baraat on the basis of your requirement and our suggestions.

Work Completion

After your consent, we reserve your date and our professionals come to make your D-day happen.

The Elegant

Lighting for Baraat

When talking about Indian baraat, you cannot underestimate the power of elegant lighting. To lend an amazingly ebullient touch to your wedding procession. Rajdhani Band is a well-known brand and the most trusted name in the market for delivering excellent wedding lighting services. We provide unique lighting combinations for all wedding occasions and Religious programs to create beautifully authentic celebrations and considered glittering.


Musical Band Service

We all know an Indian wedding is incomplete without the groom’s procession going along with a group of Band Baja(Musical Band) members playing music on the way to to the bride’s to wed her. As fueled with perfection, Rajdhani Band brings unique musical band service for wedding baraat(Shadi baraat), family function, party and religious programs. Under this service, we serve our customers with Orchestral music, Bollywood music, Bhangra, Hindi Pop, Shehnai, Tasha and Dhol.


Horse Driven carriage Service

Hire our horse-drawn carriage to transform your occasion into something really special. Our unique horse-driven carriage for hire service is guaranteed to embellish your day. We provide strong built pure white horses driven baggi which is decorated by our expert, and managed by our highly trained staff. Apart from this our service is also arranged for varied purposes such as Religious programs, Rath Yatra, Ramlila, Independence Day celebrations and many more.


Wedding Mare(Ghori) Service

Apart from providing horse-driven carriage service, we are also expert in offering a wedding mare(ghori) service that is perfect for traditional Indian weddings. The mare we offer decorated by our experts who are well aware of choices and the social tastes of our clients. The unique hallmarks of the Ghori service we offer are strong built, good height, calm, sound health and pure white colour and can be ridden by even the most novice riders. Choosing our mare service will make a huge difference on your special day.

Client Testimonials

A stunning band that bought life to my brother's wedding and as soon as the music began I said “wow!” They were incredible. I received numerous praise from the guests about how much they loved the band uniforms. We will just say that no wedding is actually a wedding without Rajdhani Band.


Amazing band that made my friend's wedding a grand event. We danced like mad, they people are well trained in playing all sort of music. Nailed it..

Deepali Aggrawal

Teacher, DAV Public School

Work Gallery

Bagpiper Band
Flower Carriage
Wedding Mare



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