Top 7 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Anne Frank

We all have heard this name once in our life Anne Frank. She is the author of one of the most popular books read in the whole world- The Diary of a Young Girl. she was just age of 15 years old when she died. She wrote the book “The Diary of a Young Girl” while she was with her family hiding from the Nazis during the 2nd world war.

The book is filled with hope dreams and thought-provoking lessons. We thought to bring some of the most inspiring life lessons from this courageous soul to live a happy married life by many couples.

1. Never give up

Anne Frank could be a great motivator if your relationship is going through a hard time. Despite her dire situation while hiding she never gave up. We can read in her diary where she wrote about her difficulties in spite of this she never gave up dreaming of a better future. She never abandoned her ideas or dreams. This is a great motivator for your hard-facing relationship. Chase after a good relationship. try to solve problems between you through Communication as communication is the golden key to making a relationship last. Please talk about the real issues acknowledge that you do make mistakes, and learn from them.

2. You decide who you are

Anne talks about being herself while in that dire situation. She believed that people around you can influence your character, your decision-making ability etc. but in the end, it is you need to believe in yourself. So this could be a golden opportunity, to apply it to your relationship. The things you choose to do and say, are a reflection of your character and you always have the power to change for the better. No matter what people talking about you and your partner, you have to care about how your partner feels and reacts.

if you have some disputes try to solve them by sitting down, if don’t, you go out for a walk. Solving issues while taking a walk is a much simpler way, contemplate your issue and the kind of solution you want to address.

3. Kindness goes a long way

The most-read diary in the world teaches us the importance and necessity of being kind. We need it the most when our life is very difficult. Anne knew that kindness is the most powerful weapon you can have, and what it felt like to be denied kindness and emphasized its importance in her diary. Just like it goes for our relationship, kindness makes your bonding stronger in a relationship. A little kindness towards each other can bring about a transformative change in the relationship.

4. Nature heals

Nature heals problems, this is the best takeaway from Anne’s diary. she how talks about, how she cured her loneliness gloom or fear of the unknown with a little time with nature. Nature helps us view life in a better light, and helps better connect us with ourselves.

So, with a little time in nature and holding hands while talking about relationship problems, you can feel each other’s more connected and emotionally attached without using words.

5. Invest in memories, not material things

Nowadays people prefer material things over memories, while Frank talks about her preference for memories over material things like fancy dresses.

This message is important now more than ever for couples, a good partner is not that who has a big home car and a lot of cash, but a quality time together you spent. You form a more intimate connection, that allows both of you to exchange empathy and the decision you come up with to solve the problem becomes sincere and wholehearted.

6. Find the beauty in simple things

How Anne in her diary appreciates simple and beautiful things around her. She ignored all the misery in her life but tries to find happiness in the small things surrounding her. We all fail to appreciate the small and beautiful moments happening around us in the pursuit of bigger things.

The same goes for our relationship too. Appreciate even the small things you are doing together and build memories. Stress the importance of small things which makes you both happy as you cannot build your dreams on negative feelings.

7. Hope is powerful

Anne Frank was already facing persecution by the Nazis but she never lost hope. Hope is a beautiful thing that keeps you alive in your worst times. Our relationship can also be beautiful if we keep expecting beautiful days to come after bad days.

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