Tired of Tipping in Your Baraat? Read This Article

This question comes in every time in someone’s mind whenever they heard the word tip to band baaja team members. When you’re already going all way deep into your pocket for band baaja expenses, paying some money on top of that for the tip to your band baaja member is very hard to digest. Even though a band baaja wala near you spelt out everything about band baaja charges, tipping- is your kind and thoughtful gesture for a job well done, not always mentioned by nearby band baja wala. So we have tried to cover all the factors in a tip to be paid while your procession starts for a wedding venue.

Since the team in your baaraat expect a reward and some rewards will need to be considered on the basis of extending your services or some other utilities. Normally, business owners of band baaja shops don’t get tip-just their employees.

Tip team members who offer his/her exceptional services, such as dhol members, chariot coachmen and band members. Here’s a helpful breakdown of what’s customary for tipping each vendor.

1. Chariot Coachmen (Buggy Coachwan)

Slip a few notes to anyone who delivers this most important item to your site as the wedding flower chariot. If a lot of different flowers need to be brought in and decorating a chariot with flowers requires a lot of hard work and time to completely decorate, the coachwan deserves a tip. Because every eye is on the groom and the chariot must be beautifully decorated.

Protocol: Sure

The Standard: 1100 Rs, further depending upon the quality of service

When to Tip: Tip your coachwan just before the groom gets on the buggy.

2. Mare Coachman

This service includes the safe & flawless riding of the groom to the nearest temple. If your riding on a mare to come up with the perfect score for his service and he pulled it off flawlessly, consider showing some monetary thanks for his endeavour.

Protocol: Sure

The Standard: 1100 Rs, further depending upon the quality of service

When to Tip: Tip your coachwan just before the groom gets on the Mare.

3. Dhol Service

Indian wedding is incomplete without beating dhol. If a dhol player brings life to your occasion he definitely deserves gratuity and this token of appreciation motivates him continuously produce the most powerful beats that can compel you and your guests to dance and enjoy the wedding night to the fullest.

Protocol: Sure

The Standard: 1000 Rs, further depending upon the quality of service

When to Tip: Tip your dhol walas every once in a while.

4. Band

While it’s not required to give the person who is playing band in your baraat a tip, it’s definitely a nice gesture.

Protocol: Optional

The Standard: 501 Rs

When to tip: If you want to tip your band walas, give them the envelopes at the end of the procession.

General Wedding Tipping Tips

Read contracts closely.

You can discuss and negotiate the tipping rate with your band wala prior to your wedding so that your baraat just goes in its flow. Negotiating your tipping rate with band wala comes with many benefits like employees of band walas don’t force or ask every time for tipping and your know when and how much you have to pay them in tips so that your precious money is not wasted on tips. Some band walas may include tips as part of their contract. If the contract includes a gratuity, you do not need to provide any additional tips.

Write a review.

Some reputed band walas provide you the facility to express your words about their services on band wala’s website so that it helps others to get better service. Band Baja Company like Rajdhani Band goes even further in helping a wedding pro’s business. While writing a thank-you note is undoubtedly appreciated, ask your Band wala if there’s a particular site where they’d like you to post your review or read their past review so that your hassle of booking the best service gets easy.

Share photos.

You can share pictures of their work while writing a review. Sharing professional photos from your big day is another way to thank your wedding band wala. Professionals, especially Ghori and Rath, need photographs of their work for marketing materials, so if you’re able to get permission from your photographer to provide these images, you’ll earn extra points.


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