Are You Going to be a Groom? Know Which Chariot is Best For You.

Once your wedding date is fixed, one of your favourite things to do is to find the best band baja wala near you. There are already tons of options in your band guy’s shop to get you excited. But what attracts the most is its huge collection of chariots that you’ll use to ride up to the venue – they’re a sight to behold.

To get the scoop on the most popular flower chariots in 2023, you can contact Pro band Baja Wale to know how creative they are going to be on decorating your chariot. From a resurgence of simplistic, timeless decor to an energetic pop of color and a very unexpected detail, they may have a lot to offer for every groom, and no matter which chariot you choose, remember that an experienced band baja wala will help make your dream wedding procession a reality,

Below, we are sharing the most popular chariot designs in 2023 and how to use them for your special day.

1. Cut Flower Chariots

Cutflower-chariots decorated with flowers like gerbera , guldavari , rajnigandha , glide and green petals have become a norm these days. Especially among grooms who are looking for something extraordinary on a simple budget. The chariot includes a step-by-step decoration of flowers of different colours in a series from the position behind the groom to the front. While the lower part of the chariot includes work of white flowers like Rajnigandha and Mogra.

Cutflower chariots with step-by-step different flower decorations are making their way into the modern baraat and we’re not mad about it. gerbera, guldavari, rajnigandha, glide and green petals arrangements are the perfect way to incorporate this modern floral trend on your chariot.

2. Orchid Chariots.

Skip the “folklore” playlist and grab your trendy argyle sweater—we’re headed to a fairy tale.

Inspired by a terraced bannister or a flower-covered Italian wedding display, this enigmatic beauty is one of the most unusual wedding chariot designs for 2023, but we’re so into it.

You can expect to see flowers such as orchid, carnation, anthurium, lily and rose being used in wedding flower arrangements for a whimsical, nature-inspired look. This chariot decor is just the latest on all the different ways you can decorate outdoors.


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